Crypto Networks Calendar. July, 2018

I do not know about you, dear readers, but personally I plan to attend events related to the development of crypto social networks in the future. It is much more interesting for me than to travel in the traditional way, that is, without any specific goal. I like not only to teach, but also to learn myself.

I do not know why until now no one project has proposed such a calendar, but without such a calendar it is very difficult for me to understand what is happening in our market.

Therefore, every last day, every month on will now be published calendar of events for the next month (and maybe even a few months, with this we will determine later). And TOP10 of crypto networks you cwill be able to see on the first day of each new month.

This is how the calendar of events looks like on July, 2018. This is certainly not a complete list and I really hope for your help in the future. I will remind you that you can leave the information either in comments to these post, or send me to mail Especially this request and offer relates to pr-managers of crypto social networks.

JULY, 2018

5 July, Moscow (Russia),

A great gathering of decenturion citizens is taking place on july 5th at the russian representative body in Moscow. get a chance to meet blосkсhаin thought leaders, true experts, and contributors. hurry up to reserve your place and get your Decenturion passport at the event.

11 July, Singapore (Singapore), Networking

Join like-minded entrepreneurs over Networking, Wine, Cheese and Crackers to learn how to grow a successful business through the power of networking. Giants Learning Technologies is in the business of impacting lives and educating individuals on growing their personal wealth.

18, July, New York (USA),

The Unicorn Network is going to the Weezer Concert.Tailgate & Concert is $35 per person and includes food before the show and a ticket to the show

20, July, Xiamen (China),

The first chinese representative body of the decenturion state will open in Xiamen. a new economic model will be presented at the event, as well as new benefits and opportunities for decenturion citizens. claim your place among the most successful blосkсhаin representatives.

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