Trybe at my PR laboratory

If you are still in doubt as to what direction to choose in the cryptocurrency world, then listen to my recommendation. Crypto social networks – this is a very promising topic.

I do not know whether there will be a state in the form we normally like, but I think not. People do not like when too many middlemen are involved in the business, so the blockchain state is, in my opinion, much more attractive.

Now I’m not only referring to Decenturion and other recent projects. Why in the future not appear blockchain state under the name Steemit or under the name Empowr?

In this case, the Trybe project also fits very well into the concept. It’s not just the name that directly points us to the word tribe. The project was born in a real country, in Costa Rica, but will receive support all over the world.

In this crypto social network there is already everything – a system of user rewards for activity, asystem of curatorship, a system of boosting and even a referral program. As for the coin, EOS is used here.

Naturally, such a project immediately gets into the main list of crypto social networks and we will discuss and analyze it more than once.

And now I want to give you a link on which you can register and receive the first 100 tokens on your account do not delay. Remember, the first participants practically always win in our business.

Trybe is a great example of how new projects can develop and strengthen their cryptocurrency. When the community actively participates in this process, there are many more new ideas, traditions and, of course, new participants.

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