6 features of crypto networks

Now we will not talk about all crypto social networks, but only about those that are on the full (or main) list on the Levelnaut.com website. Since this is one of the best lists for today, we need to more accurately determine those characteristics, which are presented to the participating projects.

In short, the six main features look like this:

1. Communication system
2. Compensation system
3. Curatorship system
4. Booster system
5. Coin (own or used in the project)
6. Referral program (optional)

Each of the items has already been repeatedly described in the program of the Open University of Crypto social networks and all the materials can be found there. Or you can use the search on Levelnaut.com

The main list of crypto-social networks https://levelnaut.com/2017/12/19/cryptocurrency-social-networks-list/ will be constantly improving in the future. Of course, only 50 best projects will remain there. All the rest will either go to the list of potential crypto networks, or to the list of Best Projects for earning, or they will be completely removed.

We will also continue to closely monitor the list of Potential crypto social networks. It is possible that some websites will from time to time move from the main list here. It is also possible to reverse the direction of movement.

I will also remind you that on every first day of the month we will publish TOP10, and on each last day – a calendar of upcoming events in the world of crypto social networks.

Naturally, there is a possibility that in the future it will be difficult to monitor all events and news in the world of crypto social networks. In this case, one of the existing crypto currencies will be used today (or created a new one) to encourage the authors and observers of the Levelnaut.com project

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