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Yesterday, a comment appeared on Levelnaut.com, the author of which asks an interesting question. I will not now retell the details, it’s not so important. I have responded briefly to the commentary, and now I want to give one useful advice to all readers.

In this case, this post can be sent to the educational base of our open University of crypto social networks https://levelnaut.com/2018/04/23/crypto-networks-university/ and treat it as a study guide.

So, what if I can not register at the website of any internet project, for example? There are, as a minimum, several options for resolving the issue.

First. Forget about this project. This is a bad option, but for someone and it can be a solution.

Second. A little wait and try again. It is possible that the website received too many requests for registration. Perhaps the administration of the project is afraid of the bots activity etc.

The third. Write a message to the support team asking for help in resolving the issue. By the way, I recommend always to do it, in any doubtful situation. The Support service is most likely to be pleased with any such treatment on your part. In normal projects, this helps to improve functionality.

Fourth. Save the site address in the Archive folder and once again access this website after a longer period of time (in a month, two or even half of the year).

It is possible that you already know about the existence of the sites Coinopsy.com and DeadCoins.com These projects specialize in listing those websites, ICO projects, new services that for one reason or another have ceased to exist in crypto world. If the website has not yet got into the lists of these projects, it is quite possible that you did not finish some work, you did not find out all the circumstances of the case.

In this case, I recommend to return periodically to these projects and try to determine finally what exactly happened. And only when you are 100% sure of your decision, delete this website completely from your database.

By the way, today I will describe such an experiment and tell you about how I will act. But this time only subscribers and guests of the Levelnaut website will be able to read it.

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