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The football theme today is very popular and the reasons are clear to everyone. But after a while the world championship will end and people will return to their habitual way of life, to their usual affairs.

And here they will expect a new Premier League, with not football teams, but crypto social networks. It is enough just to look at the current list of participants https://levelnaut.com/2017/12/19/cryptocurrency-social-networks-list/ and you will understand everything.

The list is constantly improving. And today we will add to it one more project, which without any doubt the nearest time will enter into the TOP10.

So, today I want to bring to your attention the DreamReal project. Just a few minutes is enough to understand what it is. Yes, it is… Steemit’s twin brother.

However, there is also its own idea. Users of the project are invited to tell about what is happening in reality and about what they dream about. And they dream mainly about making a lot of money and starting to realize themselves in other directions.

By the way, are you convinced now that to earn even a million dollars in crypto social networks is a very real idea? If not, then I’m sorry for you. Then continue to jerk the faucets, play in the lottery of airdrops, hope for a miracle in cloud mining or try to take away coins from other sharks on stock exchanges.

As for DreamReal, here everything is the same as in Steemit – its own coin DP, the system of communication and the system of curatorship. With booster is still not clear, but most likely they will also appear. There is no partner program, like in Steemit.

I’m sure you will like the project, so do not waste time, just go and register. The link is in our full list, which is listed above.

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