Second League of crypto networks

Yesterday I wrote that today I will apply for help to you, dear readers. The matter is, everything is going exactly as I had expected. And you see it for yourself, with your own eyes. The number of crypto social networks is growing rapidly and the real racing is starting only now.

We try to select the best of these projects (TOP50 banner on the home page) and the quality of the list of main projects is improving every day. And the monthly list TOP10 will soon become an excellent workplace for many crypto bloggers and crypto enthusiasts.

But the problem with which I want to apply to you is another. The fact is that as you know we have one more list, a kind of Second League of crypto networks or a Potential List. Many of you are familiar with it, it is here and this link can always be found at the end of the main List of crypto social networks.

It is extremely difficult to analyse this list today. It is possible that we are missing something very important. Therefore, I ask you for help. Always try, whenever possible, to revise this list. And if you have any information, then share it. This will help our entire community to move forward towards the goal and earn much more.

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