We have spoken several times about this program of the open University of crypto social networks, but today there will be another important clarification. Before that, I want to remind you that all the banners we need are on the right side of the Levelnaut.com website or you may use Search at the top of them.

As I said, today we will talk about Best Projects https://levelnaut.com/2017/11/09/cryptocurrency-best-projects/ and not about the best crypto social networks in general.

If you have decided to become a serious crypto blogger and earn your living with this new, but very promising profession, then you must understand well what you have to do.

You should understand that at least one year of serious work will you will have to create a source of permanent income (active and passive). You can consider this time a period of training, during which you do not have to pay money for lectures, but rather get them, doing practical work.

Previously, in the Best Projects program there were only those services that are well known to everyone – some of the most popular faucets, websites for performing simple tasks, etc. But now there will be placed also those projects, which until then were in the section Best Crypto Social Networks. We remove them from there because they do not meet all the requirements and do not have all the necessary tools for crypto networks, but at the same time they give the opportunity to earn.

I also want to recall that the essence of Best Projects is to help beginner crypto bloggers to collect the minimum initial capital necessary to work with boosters in social networks. Of course, you can try to work without it, but then the preparatory period can drag on for a very long time. Especially considering the very much increased competition in this business.

It is possible that the entire system will be organized more complexly in the near future (the project team Levelnaut is working hard in this direction), but so far this is what is.

Therefore, the main recommendation today is to regularly check the list of Best Project and work with all (if possible) websites. Collected with the help of this money not to output, but to direct to boosters of crypto social networks.

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