Blockchain States

Ten years ago, even in my wildest dreams, I would not have thought about writing an article on this topic. Nevertheless – it is a fact and the title of the article makes me oblige to much.

If you think that the post will only be about the Decenturion project, then you are deeply mistaken. Undoubtedly, Decenturion is one of the most powerful projects, but not the very first one. It is enough, for example, to recall the idea of blockchain-state Arktida, which was first described in the crypto social network Golos.

Moreover, Decenturion began its activity with the creation of the state itself, although there are other examples. It is useful, in this connection, to recall the acting states such as Venezuela, which has created its own crypto currency and took it for one of the main forms of financial relations in the society. Or it is possible to remind Estonia where many state functions and institutes also are implemented in blockchain.

Decenturion is a great project and I fully support it. Moreover, several of my own projects I plan to realize in this blockchain state.

But in spite of the fact that the Decenturion website is present in the main list of crypto social networks there are absent some necessary elements. Most likely they will appear very soon and in a more interesting form.

On the other hand, today there are wonderful examples of projects where everything is already available. Now I’m talking about Empowr. Economy Empowr stimulates the growth of the coin of the same name, even when all other cryptocurrency rates (including bitcoin) are falling.

By the way, for this reason, most likely, on August 1 in the next TOP10 the leader will be changes. And for the first time since the beginning of this rating existence on, Empowr will move Steemit from the first position.

You can treat differently the idea of ​​blockchain states. You can try to implement this idea in different ways. But personally, I see the future in which this model will dominate. That’s why I recommend to treat crypto currency social networks with much more attention.

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