TheCryptoNetwork at my PR laboratory

The name TheCryptoNetwork explains a lot in itself – anyone can guess what this project is about. Nevertheless, for those who have not heard anything about the main topic of our observations, I will tell that this is a new crypto social network.

This project name immediately guarantees entry to our main list, which is located at and you can already find it there.

The TheCryptoNetwork project does not yet have its own coin and all user activity is rewarded in points. But we, dear readers, well know that a coin can appear at any time and in any project.

At the moment TheCryptoNetwork is in Beta version and for the time of testing there is even organized a special contest with several levels of participation. All contestants receive points according to the activity they are conducting here.

Very important is the fact that this project provides for trading activities (as in the most successful Empowr project to date), but this part of the functionality is still closed for the main group of users.

As for the boosters, I can not say anything until I see them. But most likely they will appear in the very near future. The referral program in TheCryptoNetwork is available, and you can invite friends and relatives through e-mail and contacts in traditional social networks. There is no direct link so far and it is not known whether it will ever appear.

If you carefully study this project, you will understand that behind it there is a very serious team and it is likely that TheCryptoNetwork is waiting for a great future. Therefore, I recommend registering here today and taking part in testing the Beta version.

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