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In the illustration to this post you see the first results of voting on coins of crypto social networks. Despite the fact that only 15 users took part in the poll (at the moment), you can start analyzing.

As I expected, the main fight will be between Steemit and Empowr. This can be seen very well here https://levelnaut.com/2018/07/02/networks-coins-poll/ after you vote or look at the link at the very bottom of the poll page. These projects have an equal number of votes – 5. But the more of you, dear readers, express your opinion, the better we will understand what is happening.
And of course, I highly recommend not to forget about Minds, to which the whole of Vietnam has joined the day before. I agree – this is certainly not the football World Cup, but the fact that the race is just beginning – there is no doubt about it.

Yesterday, in the comments on Levelnaut.com, I was asked a question about which of the crypto social networks are paying real money for user activity. It was a clear hint that not all tokens can be withdrawn today from these social networks.

But those of you who were from the very beginning on Steemit remember very well how things happened there. It would be simply amazing if the project started paying from the very beginning. But… where does the money come from?

Naturally, the crowdsdale must pass, the ICO process must be fully completed, all exit mechanisms must be adjusted and tested in terms of safety, etc. During this time, usually the price of the token becomes more or less stable and then it gets to some listings on the exchanges.

I think that it is normal process for crypto social network. There will never be a momentary withdrawal of the entire amount that is on the balance sheet. I’m sure that’s right. Therefore, be patient in case you decide to withdraw all the money and start all over again.

And I also know for sure that the race is just beginning. And this is the best time to take part in it. Naturally, there will still be many questions. But together we will find the answers to everything.

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