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This post will be a short one. Today I just want to remind you of the possibilities of interactive communication besides voting, which I wrote about yesterday. So, let’s start in order. Dear readers, on the site Levelnaut.com, the main theme of which are crypto social networks, you can:

1. Read thematic news and reviews of crypto social networks and some other projects that help to collect the necessary sum of money for more successful and effective work in the networks.

2. To study at an open University https://levelnaut.com/2018/04/23/crypto-networks-university/ and become a real professional in this sphere.

3. Become one of the authors of the site Levelnaut.com and information about this you will also find using the banner on the main page of the site.

4. Participate in voting on the best coins of crypto social networks, which is updated every three months.

5. To report on any major events, meetings, conferences and help us to make a calendar for the next month. I will remind you that it will be published every last day of every month.

6. Actively spread the information you have (referral links etc.) with the help of our groups in social networks. In these groups today there are more than one hundred thousand participants.

7. Find the best referral programs that offer the best projects.

8. Find the most up-to-date information on ICO, airdrops and many other topics and for this you just need to use the Search on the website.

9. Become one of the subscribers of Levelnaut and the first to get acquainted with all publications, as well as comment on any articles.

10. And of course, you can always contact us leaving a comment in any article.

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