Snovian at my PR laboratory

We have already met with a lot of crypto social networks, today they already exist hundreds. It is hard to say what will happen tomorrow, but it can be assumed, as some tendencies become obvious.

Most likely, this direction will develop and for a while we will see many similar projects. But then their number will decrease, and the quality will be improved.

Despite the fact that now every month on the website TOP10 is published and even there is a list of the top 50 projects, the most qualitative ones are difficult to determine. Therefore, all that we can do today is to test, analyze and strengthen our positions in those that are in the upper ranks of the list.

Crypto Social Network Snovian uses a blockchain platform in its work and focuses on creating a social network of people who voluntarily contribute their data in order to earn a crypto currency. At least, this is exactly what is written in the FAQ on the Snovian website.

The project team has already started phase 1.0. In phase 2.0, many other functions will be involved, in particular, the exchange of messages and inter-user payments, etc.

Users will be rewarded for their activity, that is, for creating messages, by the SNOV coin. True, today this function has not been launched yet, but in the near future it will be done.

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