Speaking of activity, I certainly first of all mean activities in crypto social networks. We often use this term, but in each project it means something else.

So, we already know that the main attributes of crypto social networks are the system of reward for the user for activity, the communication system, the system of curatorship (likes, comments, upvotes, etc.), the system of boosting (or upgrades), own coin (which is converted or could be withdrawn on external wallets) and a referral program (not mandatory).

The construction of a social networking site on a blockchain platform has also become a compulsory requirement.

If any of these elements are not present, then certainly in the main list of crypto social networks this project can not be reached. Moreover, it has no chance of getting into the monthly TOP10.

As I said, those sites in which these elements are not available, will move either to the list of projects for earnings, or to the list of potential projects.

As for activity, it can be quite diverse. Steemit and its applications offer different options, but mostly based on content. Empowr focuses on blogging and sales. Minds offers so far only exchange of information, Viuly video content, Scorum specializes in sports, etc.

Do we need this specialization? I think the answer can only be yes. After all, otherwise all projects will be the same, so the competition between them will be extremely high. In this case, only a few will survive, because a user does not need as many identical projects, he will have two or three.

What is the way out of this situation? The answer is obvious, you need to look for your chips, do so that in each project there is something special, interesting, attractive. And it should be not only in the basic elements, which are written above, but in all directions. And this is the main task of the creative team of any project, any crypto social network.

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