Mobile crypto networks

Let’s first determine the name. If it is slightly expanded, it turns out – crypto currency social networks for mobile phones. In other words, these are projects that are aimed at an audience that uses only mobile gadgets.

There are quite a lot of such projects already today. If you look at the main list of crypto social networks, even there you will find such websites as: Monoreto, Sola, Friendz, Enlte. This is still not a complete list, much more similar services are in the potential list of crypto networks.

If you want to know my opinion on all these projects, it is extremely negative. I believe that all these projects have no future. Developers of such services expect to earn money in an easier way and successfully pass the ICO under the pretext that they have their target audience. But this is a big mistake.

Of course, teenagers and students are a fairly large and advanced audience in the world. But today they will not sit long hours in the network in order to earn those miserable pennies that they are ready to pay theoretically creators and developers of mobile crypto networks.

I am sure that investors also understand this problem and therefore do not hurry now to invest in such projects-pancakes.

To date, there is one time-tested and reliable scheme – this is the one that was proposed in Steemit at the very beginning. And this scheme, in one form or another, is used in the most successful projects. I wrote about it many times, including in the previous article on the website.

That’s why now there are such painful transformations, for example, on the website of social network Sola. Most likely, the developers will finally come to the conclusion that the audience of mobile phones is not such a sweet patty as it seemed to them at first. And I think this is the reason that there are so many bugs and problems in the version for a personal computer, which they eventually try to modify. At least, I hope so.

And in new projects, developers should act in a different way – first create a version for the PC and do it with all the necessary elements and only then create a mobile version to expand the audience. Only this way the project can become a successful one. At lest today.


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