I am a very tolerant man and very calm about the different characteristics of people. But I also have one weakness – I hate the banking system and the state system. In my opinion, these are the most dangerous thieves and scammers, the most important enemies of all mankind.

Yesterday, my youngest daughter, she only 13 years old, started working with crypto social networks. You can imagine how happy I was. Thank you blockchain and thank you Satoshi Nakamoto. You give the world a chance for freedom, it’s a pity that humanity still does not understand this well.

Now let’s talk about the case. Today we have a review day, so we add the Leopays project to the main list of crypto social networks on the Levelnaut.com website. For this there is every reason.

Firstly, it is a crypto social network, there is an option for adding friends and there is an opportunity to communicate with them. Secondly, the activity of users in this project is rewarded in LPC tokens.

These tokens are today the main Leopays own coin. It is interesting that all the money you earn goes to automining and so your earnings increase.

In addition, this project has a system of curatorship and a system of boosterization. In Leopays, there are several packages specifically for those users who want to get into business and increase their earnings.

It seems that developers have taken into account all the nuances and requirements of today, so this website has so many useful tools for communication, entertainment, and business.

By the way, the referral program is also there, and if you are interested in all that I have written above, go to https://leopays.com/?partner=borishaifa and register in this project.

As you can see, the main list of cryptonetworks is getting better and better and you have an excellent chance to prepare for the period of decentralization in the society. This time will come anyway, technologies prove it perfectly. Once again I want to say – thank you blockchain!

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