To spam or not to spam?

I agree – in Shakespeare’s time, users had completely different issues, more global ones. However, the users themselves were different, although I suspect that social networks already had existed even in that historical period. I really hope that we will also remember banks and officials once, with a smile, as a historical misunderstanding.

But today we will not remind anything, we have a more practical task. The answer to the question indicated in the title of the article today is very actual. This is a hot topic for everyone who works in crypto social and traditional networks. Therefore, my recommendation will be very useful for someone.

Naturally, my answer to this question is sharply negative. And it’s not even that users are punished for spam today, but that if you do not respect other people, your reputation constantly tends to zero. And with a bad reputation to make money is very difficult.

On the other hand, there is nothing wrong with what you want, for example, to share with someone your referral links. Let it be done even with completely unfamiliar to you people. You just have to do everything right way and then people that you do not know at all – can very easily become your friends and business partners.

In order for this to happen, make a special folder on the desktop of your computer, which you can name, for example, LINKS PROMO or something else. In this folder you will have many other folders with the names of those projects that you will promote.

In this folder, constantly collect the appropriate pictures and screenshots of this project, as well as pictures (from free stocks) that are suitable in meaning. These pictures should be many (the more, the better) and they should be attractive.

In the same folder you will have another file, but with the texts only. To begin with, you can indicate in these very short texts the most interesting features of the project. For example: “You can get a thousand dollars here for a introduction post” (about Steemit), “Here you can sell even your old socks for crypto currency” (about Empowr), “Watch erotic pictures and get tokens” (about Minds), etc. Such phrases can be hundreds or thousands.

But it is much more useful to follow the news of the project and briefly, in one sentence, report them in our groups in crypto-social networks. The News section is in almost every social network and every project, subscribe to them, read regularly, choose the most delicious and publish. This will be useful to you and to other users too.

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