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Today we do not have a very pleasant topic for discussion, but nevertheless, we can not ignore it. Moreover, commercial social networks are so actively invited to join, which immediately fall into the spotlight.

I’ll tell you honestly, dear readers, I have a bad attitude to these projects, even though I periodically include them in the main list https://levelnaut.com/2017/12/19/cryptocurrency-social-networks-list/ crypto social networks.

I am absolutely sure that in the future such projects will either make the necessary amendments and become normal, normal crypto social networks using blockchain technology, or disappear altogether.

I also perfectly understand that all this is an attempt by the MLM industry to somehow gain a foothold in the new market, but they are unlikely to succeed.

At first it seemed to me that the problems that I had with Contynet, FutureNet and some other projects were an accident, but then I realized that it was a system.

These projects are developed not by users or even by developers, they are imposed on us by all the same MLM activists who continuously call you on the phone and knock on your door.

Therefore, on Levelnaut.com, we will do the following. Anyway, we will discuss them, make reviews and even for some time include them in the main list. But if they do not change for the better, then their maximum level is the list of potential networks in our ratings. Until they disappear at all.

A definition of commercial social networks is very simple – they immediately offer users to pay money for the development of these projects, to buy a “some package”. Be careful, the creators of promising projects do not do this, they primarily think about development, and not how to get your money. And, as a rule, in fiat.

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