The invisible battle with the banks continues and despite their hellish resistance, on this front we have good news. I will discuss this in the next publication.

Also, I plan to tell you more about why in our main list of crypto social networks there will be only 50 best projects and which one strategy for working with them.

But today we have a review day and I want to tell you about a new member of this list – the Mpoom project. Although this website has a Greek-German origin – today it is a full-fledged international product. And in my opinion this product is very cute.

The functionality of the website is quite simple, but pleasant for work and something it resembles the traditional social network Plurk, which by the way is also developing its crypto financial strategy. And it is quite possible that Plurk will one day enter our main list.

Once you get to the main page of the site you will immediately see the module where the TOP 10 Richest Mpoomers is presented. This indicates that the website has its own currency. This is actually the way the project’s tokens are called mpoins.

There is also a detailed statistics of user’s rewarding for their activity. And I recommend reading FAQ, there everything is very detailed and quite frankly written.

Honestly, I have not got into all the nuances yet. For example, I still do not understand if there is a booster system and a partnership program in this project. But we will soon find out all the answers and write them in comments.

As for the system of curatorship, it is already actively working and evaluating the posts of other users, you also earn here.

I can still share my impressions of this project, I really liked it, but I do not want to deprive you of the pleasure of personal acquaintance with it.

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