I’m not crazy to call this way the article. Now I will share with you some thoughts, and you analyze yourself.

I think that despite the huge amount of accumulated fiat, the banks have already entered into a desperate battle with the cryptocurrency. And if only recently they just did not notice bitcoin at all or called everything that is associated with it a soap bubble, now they act differently.

The most popular words on the Internet in recent years have become “verification” and “regulation.” What does it say? The fact that these two main weapons are promoted by banks and their faithful servants – government officials. Have you ever heard the term KYC before? Now this is almost an indispensable condition for any activity on the Internet.

By the way, in Israel this KYC can be obtained only in the bank, because no other bill with your address is given to users in English.

And this is not the last weapon that banks use in a deadly battle with the crypto. Yesterday, for example, I was surprised to learn that PayPal banned personal payments in our country. For what then this service is needed is not clear. Can Ilan Mask know? I ought to ask him about it.

A faithful servant of banks – the state tells fairy-tales of a pension all around the world. But I think that in five years we will not even understand what a pension is. The population is aging so rapidly that no increase in retirement age will help.

I recommend training in this situation. Self-education is the path that helps open your eyes. It is for this reason that I created an open University of crypto social networks https://levelnaut.com/2018/04/23/crypto-networks-university/, about which you already know.

Yesterday, I promised you good news. This news is just about the fact that not all the battles to banks can win. This news came from the social network EMPOWR and I want to quote it, to once again give pleasure to you and yourself.

“… To further maximize the utilization of our coin, effective immediately let’s all ensure we’re using EMPR instead of U.S. Dollars everywhere in empowr. Our engineers are working to automate the accepting of EMPR coins everywhere in empowr, and remove PayPal and credit cards. … ” It would be nice if all social networks and projects learned about this message.

And I really want that the most popular words are not verification and regulation, but blockchain and decentralization.

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