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We continue to improve the main list of crypto social networks on the Levelnaut.com website and today there will be next changes. In short, the main list will disappear Zenduja, and the project QBk will be added.

Zenduja is a commercial network, so we will transfer this site to Best Projects for Earning Crypto https://levelnaut.com/2017/11/09/cryptocurrency-best-projects/, and its’ line will be occupied by the new crypto social network QBk.

I still have a lot of questions for this project. But in About us on the website it is written the following: “… QBK’s mission is a social network which unite people all over the world to create simple and convenient communication. QBk supports the rapid uploading and timely sharing of original pictures and articles, and enables the original creators to obtain appreciation and rewards from them, and is committed to becoming the fastest, most unique, and most attractive social networking platform … ”

How after such a description not to include it in the main list? In addition, the website has a very attractive design and has its own token, which is called QBK and all information on fees can be seen in a special Financial Center.

As I said this project is still very fresh and maybe that’s why I did not understand the system of rewards, the system of boosterization and the system of curatorship here. But we will have time and opportunity to comment on the changes. Also, I did not find a referral program here, which, it is quite possible, will not exist at all.

Nevertheless, I think that QBk also has good prospects and every chance to gain a foothold in the main line-up. Therefore, I recommend starting my acquaintance with this project in the near future and of course register in it.

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