Special crypto networks

Today we will take a closer look at those crypto social networks that specialize in a single topic or on a particular type of activity. There are more and more such projects and we need to understand how to work with them.

Naturally, this article will enter the course of “Crypto Networks” in our open University of crypto social networks https://levelnaut.com/2018/04/23/crypto-networks-university, which you are already well aware of.

Undoubtful leaders of this direction are the projects Scorum and Viberate. They have already proven themselves in the crypto world and many of you are actively cooperating with them.

The only problem is that Viberate has not yet launched the functionality of communication between users and additions to friends. Therefore, most likely, in the very near future this crypto social network will be transferred to the group of projects for earning (Best Projects) at Levelnaut.com

As for other areas, there are such crypto networks that specialize in bounties, on the microworks and on other types of activities.

In my opinion, in the very near future there will be more such projects as Scorum, because in essence they are specialized media, and in many aspects exceed them significantly. Just look at the main page of this website to understand how much of the most relevant and interesting information is published here daily.

Unlike professional journalists, which are usually instruments of the state (even the so-called independent) content for this project is supplied by the users themselves. They are often much more experienced professionals than journalists. Their work is rewarded in the crypto currency, so the quality of information is much higher.

As I said above, I am absolutely sure that in the very near future such projects will appear much more. And we will closely monitor their appearance.


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