Two models of crypto networks

If the bitcoin rate grows, then it’s much nicer to write about crypto social networks. This is the trend that is currently taking place in the profile market. But fortunately, our system of work does not depend on the growth rate, so we can always calmly analyze and draw conclusions.

One of the interesting conclusions from our observations is the fact that all existing projects refer to two main models – those which are built on blockchain and those which moved to blockchain.

Of course, in the near future all crypto social networks will be built on the basis of blockchain technology. But so far the picture is exactly this and practice shows that both models can be successful today.

Literally in a couple of days another TOP10 will be published for the month of July and you will be able to see there the representatives of the first model (Steemit, Dream-Real, Alphabit, Trybe etc.) and the second one (Enpowr, Minds).

This I hint that if, for example, Facebook wanted to enter the TOP10, then it could do this, while Mark Zuckerberg has a chance. But the problem is that he will never go on blockchain and on system of rewarding users for activity. His greed will not allow him to do it.

That’s why Minds is successfully catching up with Facebook for the quality of timeline and popularity. And eventually it will overtake FB. And to wait for this event is not long. Entire countries (for example, Vietnam) completely switch to Minds because of the policy of Facebook.

Based on what has been said above, the conclusion is very simple – today the last call for all traditional and commercial networks sounds. If they today pretend that nothing is happening, or it does not concern the, so very soon no one will even remember them.

And I will tell you a secret, in the following TOP10s on the website there will be no other projects and other models. They already have no meaning.


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