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Today, according to the plan (every third publication), we have the review of the crypto social network. By the way, the next review will be released not on July 31, but on July 30. As you remember, every last day of the month we publish a calendar of events for the next month, and every first day we have TOP10.

I’m sure that you all look forward to the next TOP10 because at the first place will be not Steemit as usually, but Empowr. Let it be a small intrigue that will make your expectations justified. Although in the next TOP10 there will be other surprises.

Why did we start talking about Empowr today, and not about Jugl? In fact, everything is simple – both projects are very similar. But Jugl is not as well known in the crypto world as Empowr.

Yesterday I talked about two models of successful crypto networks and Jugl refers not to the first, but to the second one. That is, this website was not built on a blockchain platform, but like Empowr, it moved to the crypto after its creation.

This project has German roots and you will understand this right away, because some explanatory texts were originally written in German and still are not translated into English. But for us it is not so important. The main thing is to have all the other necessary tools on the website. And with this everything here is OK.

Jugl has its own system of rewarding users for activity, as well as a system of boosting and curatorship. There is a token here, which is called Jugl. And just like in Empowr, one of the main activities here is trading.

Of course, trading activity in Jugl is not as powerful as in Empowr, but it is gradually increasing, and in this direction the project has very good prospects.

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