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As you already know, the next TOP10 of the best crypto social networks will be published on on August 1. To this event, a very large and painstaking preparatory work is carried out to select projects and chose the best of them. I very much hope that in the near future all such analyzes will be conducted using artificial intelligence and voting, but so far we have to do everything manually.

By the way, I want to remind that the new list will have more participants and more surprises. But let’s wait until August 1 and not to disclose any secrets meanwhile.

You already know by what principles the selection is carried out. In order for the project to get into the TOP50 (the main list) there must be 4 systems in it (communication between users, users activity reward, boosting and curatorship) and its own coin (or one of the already existing one). Preferably, at least at the initial stage there was a referral program in it, but this is not mandatory.

Earlier, when there were only a dozen projects, everything was much simpler. There was a major successful site Steemit, which knew everyone and we had a kind of landmark. But now the picture is completely different. In the main list we already have 50 projects, and in the list of potential ones are at the moment about 130 sites. And that is far from all, that could be found today in the profile market.

On the eve, including with your participation, a lot of work was done to clean and select the list of potential crypto social networks. More than a dozen websites have been removed altogether, because … they no longer exist. Yes, and this also happens today, fraudsters in our sphere suffice. By the way, since we are talking about the Sphere – the famous project, which “gave $5 for each referral,” was also fraudulent.

But also a couple of dozen new sites were added to this list. Here it is already getting hot, the competition is increasing and now it takes a lot of effort to get to the main list. But in those projects that are already there, and especially got into the TOP10, you can absolutely safely earn, invest, make upgrades, increase your influence, get diversification and raise up your crypto-currency capital.


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