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The day after tomorrow the next TOP10 of the best crypto social networks will be published, and this means that today we will get acquainted with the latest project, which can be included in the main list at the moment.

I want to remind you that the main list is here and it consists of 50 sites. It was here that a new project was added, which will be discussed.

What is Snip? Snip is a community based platform for news you care about. This is how it is written in the FAQ of this site. What does it mean? This means that here you can save interesting articles and news that are important to you or those that you want to share with your friends.

In other words – here you do not need to compose anything other than a short, 250-character description (snippet) of this article. And with 150 words you can retell its contents. And after that you will only have to indicate the source of the article and the source of the picture used for illustration.

You can also say that Snip is a more advanced version of Refind. By the way, Refind does not have its own coin, and in this crypto social network you can use SnipCoin, a coin in which users receive rewards for activity. But at the moment payments are made in the etherium and in dollars, after reaching the amount of $ 5. The system of curatorship (husky, upvotes, comments) also works with the use of this coin.

I did not find the boosters here yet. Also, there is not yet a referral program here and it is quite possible that it will not exist at all. Before working with this project, I recommend reading the short FAQ section and looking at the Platform Tour.

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