Packages in Crypto Networks

Yesterday was published a new TOP10 crypto social networks on the site and you, dear readers, immediately appeared the full picture. Now you know where you can invest and where to start working more actively.

If someone did not manage to get acquainted with the new rating, I’ll give you a link in order not to miss anything.

Despite the fact that crypto social networks are a much more reliable way to earn cryptocurrency and make time or money investments than faucets, buxes, cloud mining and many others, there are also nuances here.

Today we will talk about packages. I have repeatedly shared with you the opinion that commercial social projects do not have a future. It is very stupid today to offer users to first buy a “package”, and then start working in a social network at a time when there are many normal websites around, without any preliminary financial obligations.

Users will buy and even ask to install boosters, but when the time comes. when they can afford it, when with the help of this project they will already earn some money.

It is for this reason that Futuronet, Contynet, Easy-bizzi, Manymoney and other websites of this type are missing in our main ranking. It is because of this on the eve of the publication of the rating that the Pingofive project was removed from it and placed at the potential group. I very much hope that the current inability to log into Alphabit is not related to this stupidity.

I’m not saying that these and other similar websites have no chance. We know examples when there are excellent projects that have changed their policies or even come to the crypto world from the MLM sphere. Today everyone knows Empowr, Jugl and some others.

Based on all of the above, my recommendation is – in no case do not invest money in social networks, which first offer to pay, and then start earning.

Always and in all crypto social networks there should be an opportunity of free start, in all other cases it is most likely some kind of fraudulent or unreasoned scheme. At the same time, it does not matter that the project has very convenient functionality and attractive prospects. Over time, you will realize that this is a lie or a trick, but it will be too late.


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