The day before yesterday the website published TOP10, August, 2018 crypto social networks. Many of you, dear readers, finally got the information that was so necessary for them.

But after the publication I was asked a question. One of the readers, in personal correspondence asked me: “Why do not you publish exactly the same TOP10, but for other projects that make it possible to earn crypto currency?”

I want to remind everyone that a common list of such websites already exists and it is here, but without TOP10.

Therefore, today I will provide you with a trial version of TOP10 websites for earning cryptocurrency. And if you like the idea, we will publish such lists regularly, every month, just like we do with crypto social networks.

So, here’s how TOP10 looks at the moment:


All these projects do not require any initial investment and they can be good tool to collect money for effective promotion in crypto social networks.

Click on the link above and you will see the full list. After that you will be able to register in those projects where you have not started working yet.

All of them require very little time, so you can earn in them in short free time intervals.

I really hope that this article will also help those who have not yet done upgrades and have not purchased boosters in crypto social networks.

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