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It is usually difficult to guess which project will develop successfully and which one will not. But if you carefully monitor the market and do it all the time, then this is quite possible.

This is what we are doing at levelnaut.com, so we were quite ready for today’s takeoff “to the moon”, for example, the crypto social network Empowr. And thanks to this list https://levelnaut.com/2017/12/19/cryptocurrency-social-networks-list/ we can predict which projects will develop rapidly in the very near future.

The crypto social network Freldo, in its original idea, was conceived as a community where potential buyers could communicate with small business companies of interest to them, who were initially familiar with each other.

The idea is good, there is no doubt about it. If Empowr focuses on trust and communication between users, then companies are added to this scheme. Why not?

The project has Canadian roots and all the requisites are listed on the site, which is a very good sign. There is also a coin of FreldoCoin or FRECN. There is also a chat and a kind of timeline (My events), and the referral program is effective only in case of personal invitations.

While it is not clear how the booster system and the system of curatorship will work, but I hope we will soon find out about it. Now the ICO of the project is underway, so anyone can buy coins at a bargain price.

Join, register, the link is already listed in the our main list (above) and we will together explore this project and participate in it with pleasure and benefit for ourselves.

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