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Today, for the first time in more detail, we will talk about such a way of earning as social mining. It is possible that you already know that on the Chinese stock exchanges, the boom of joining mining for earning while working on the exchange began. Among the first such an opportunity offered fcoin, coinpark and other platforms.

As for social networks, this is still a new phenomenon. Of course, from the very beginning we received, for example, the BRO coins for listening to the radio on the BitRadio website, which is essentially a social network and this project was even on our main list of crypto social networks.

But if we talk about the classical crypto social network, where there are all necessary elements (the system of communication between users and the news line, the system of rewarding users for activity, the system of boosting, the system of curatorship and its own coin), BitRadio does not fit into this framework.

On the other hand, the first such crypto social network is Leopays (link for registration here which pays its users for activity on the website.

I have already published a review about this project and you can find it easily at the Open University of crypto social networks on, so I do not want to repeat it, but I will say a few more words about the social mining.

According to the developers, social mining on Leopays (SM) “… is not a hidden or even not a browser-based mining, our algorithm does not use any power of your computer and does not require downloading programs and therefore absolutely does not burden your computer. You receive a reward for your activity in the social network while using it.” If this is the case, then the logical question arises – why not use this tool in other crypto networks?

I also want to remind you that in the near future, or more precisely this fall, the Leopays project will go to the ICO and those who do not know about this project should draw their attention to it today.

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