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I have no doubt that you, dear readers, have already heard of such a concept as Universal Basic Income (UBI). Experiments with this method of distributing money have been going on for a long time and all over the world. However, to date, there are very few places where this social tool is used in practice.

Today we will talk about a crypto social network that plans to implement it on the Internet. This project is called SwiftDemand and today it will be added to the TOP50 main list on the Levelnaut.com website

You can receive Swift tokens every day, as for a daily visit here is credited 100 coins, regardless of your activity on the website. In addition, there is already a fairly large store, which is somewhat like the store at Empowr.

A full-fledged communication system is not yet available on the site, although it is possible to add friends and send personal messages. Users’ newsfeed here is still replaced by something like a forum that is still poorly developed. But this situation can be changed at any time, since obviously the website has a fairly serious, ambitious and creative team.

Also in the project there are no booster systems and curatorship system. but these functions can also be added at any time and we have already witnessed this development many times.

The most interesting, according to the developers will begin when the number of participants will reach 5 millions and this is also not such a big problem as the project has such an interesting idea. If you also want to participate in this experiment, then register under the link https://www.swiftdemand.com/?referred_by=borishaifa and join, then everything will be much faster.

I am sure that Universal Basic Income will soon be implemented everywhere and therefore I consider it my duty to help speed up the process.

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