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Yesterday one of my readers in the commentary expressed regret that few people know about cryptocurrencies, blochain and crypto social networks. This is a fair comment. But I want to add that they not only do not know, but give to earn such as Mark Zuckerberg billions of dollars.

How to change the situation and at the same time get a huge benefit for yourself? My answer is to read the information on the website ) I’m kidding, but there is some truth in this joke.

Remember, at the very bottom of this website there is a banner that leads to a large and very important list. Behind this list is hidden crypto social network, which I have created and about which almost no one knows.

I would like, that PR managers of all crypto social projects were also very attentive now. If they understand me correctly, they will get an excellent, prepared, and, most importantly, loyal target audience.

If you do not want to search for a banner, go directly to this link and you will understand everything. This is the network of groups CryptoSocio, which I had created a long time ago. Some of them already have up to 20,000 users or more. In addition, dozens of moderators operate in large groups, which ensure that crypto topics are observed.

It is in these groups that you, dear readers, can absolutely free, without any risk being banned, post your referral links to airdrops, to faucets, and to other crypto projects. And then these groups will become even bigger and your actions will be even more useful. And I will make sure that the list of groups is always relevant and that it is timely supplemented.

If we all together do the right actions, then our crypto community will develop rapidly. I know and I believe in it. And what about you?

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