Piarim at my PR laboratory

A little bit strange name of this article – one PR project here gives PR to another. But this is not the most important thing. Much more important is the fact that the Piarim website provides a huge number of opportunities for earning cryptocurrency. We can say that this platform is for those who need PR and for those who want to make money on it.

Frankly speaking, I have not yet met a crypto social network with so many proposals for both parties. It is possible that later this website will be moved to the Best Projects section for earning cryptocurrency, which is on the Levelnaut.com But for now, we will leave it on the main list of crypto social networks.

If you compare this project to other crypto currency networks, then the only thing that is missing here is a news feed or a wall (a chronicle) for users, everything else is present there. Step by step you will figure it all out and find here all the tools you need to work.

The project has Russian roots, so for more successful work you need to create accounts in 2 social networks OK and VK, in addition to your Facebook account. I understand that many of you no longer pay attention to traditional social networks, but this may be the case when you can help friends who are still there.

You can immediately select the desired language in the main menu of the website and proceed to the tasks, all the instructions are quite understandable and there are two menus (top and side) – they will help you too.

The project has its own coin, called PRB, which can not only be produced directly on the website with the help of mining, but also exchanged on the domestic exchange.

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