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Bis dat qui cito dat. This is a Latin proverb that says that twice wins the one who does everything faster than the rest. It’s actually like this and I’ve checked it for a long time working with crypto social networks.

Therefore, I sincerely regret those people whom I recommend paying attention to some promising project, and they answer: “No, thank you, I will only work with Steemit”

I’m not saying that Steemit is bad, I work very actively there myself, but today it is very difficult to get into the leaders and earn well. In addition, Steemit very painfully reacts to the fall of bitcoin and always falls stunningly with it.

Those who listened to my advice and turned their attention to Empowr already today can see the truth of my words. And even after a free flight (without binding to the network economy) of the EMPR coin, the cost of its value on the market did not fall below 2$, despite the fact that several months ago it started from 0.23$.

Tomorrow the MINDS coin is launching to the main Etherium network, which is used in the project of the same name. I’m sure it will be the same. And those users who ignored it, argeumenting it with the fact that “the project does not pay yet”, tomorrow they will regret this very seriously.

Then the same thing will happen with Dream-real, Kuende and with Trybe. This is in case you still want to listen to my advice and recommendations. And do not forget to follow the TOP10, which I propose at the beginning of each month. I hope that all this will come in handy.

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