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First of all I want to remind all readers that in a few hours in the crypto social network Minds the main version of the MINDS coin will be launched. This suggests that in all projects leading the TOP50 on the Levelnaut website, it will be possible to withdraw the earned money. By the way, this is what I was talking about at least a year ago, when many of you did not believe that something like this would happen.

At a time when bitcoin doesn’t give us any positive emotions, you can improve your positions in crypto social networks. Meanwhile, I will continue to improve the main list of projects, in which today the replacement will take place. Instead of the Ong project (as you already know, it has already closed, and the Somee website has appeared instead) today I add the crypto social network InRating to the TOP50.

InRating in this list will take place next to Infinityloop and I think this is not an accidental coincidence. The matter is that in this project also all calculations are made with the help of the coin InCoin. This indirectly indicates that both projects have the same owners, creators and developers. Also on this indicates a similar design in blue tones. Although, it is possible that I am mistaken.

So, I’ve already told you about the coin. It is with it’s help that there works the system of user rewards for activity, the system of curatorship and the system of boosting. By the way, there are 6 main boosters in the project and you can improve your account while the InCoin course has not risen too high.

I don’t have any doubts that InRating token will rises in price, but it will happen, of course, only after the release of the ICO. The project has a very creative team and you can easily be sure in that after first website visiting. There is a huge amount of interesting ideas. Even after the first glance, it becomes obvious that this is not just a network of acquaintances, but a serious crypto social project.

There is no referral program at the moment in InRating, but you can find many other ways to earn coins or even get them as a gift.

As you already know, I always recommend joining the new crypto social networks at the very beginning, and then gradually mastering them. Therefore, do not lose time, register in this project and at the same moment, check all the other websites from our TOP50.

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