This is the last article that will be included in the curriculum at the Open University of crypto social networks. Also, there will no longer be any review articles in various crypto social networks. Now, dear readers, you can read the most interesting articles and observations only on

This does not mean that there will not be any more articles in crypto social networks. But if they now appear, their content will only refer to that particular project where the material is published.

As you probably know, when I had started the Levelnaut project, there was no such word at all in Google search. If today you offer search engines such a query, they will give you thousands or even tens of thousands of results. It tells a lot for those who understand anything in SEO optimization.

Thanks to all my publications, enough coins have accumulated to move on to the strategy of whales, that is, actively use the systems of curatorship and boosterization. In other words, it is necessary to encourage interesting content of other authors and improve my accounts, make upgrades in all crypto social networks.

Once I warned about it to the participants of my news channel in Telegram and called in this connection about a year ago, in my personal RoadMap, exactly this date – August 2018. Those who then went after me, I think, today feel quite confident, even despite the ups and downs of bitcoin.

If you are still interested in my opinion about crypto social projects and you want to know all the news about them, then you know what to do, dear friends. I wish you good luck in this market. And always wait for you at with any questions and suggestions.

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