Three leaders

Every day I get your questions, dear readers, and this not only helps me analyze the situation on the market of crypto currency networks. I hope that you too see the picture better and get your own opinion about it.

In no case do I urge you to agree absolutely with everything I write here. The more we have different opinions – the better, the closer will be the truth.

Therefore, I want to remind you that here I express only my own opinion, which is based on my personal work experience.

Today I answer the question of the Steemit user @gustavoadolfodca. This question looks like this: “Perfect, I’d like to ask you a few questions, why do Empowr and Minds get the first place? which of these networks makes it easier for you to make a profit than the others?”

Questions are interesting, I want to thank for them @gustavoadolfodca and with pleasure answer.

In the crypto social network Steemit I have been participating since 2016, that is, almost from the very beginning. I remember very well how it all began and what enthusiasm had almost every user. Every day new ideas were born there, a huge amount of interesting information was published, mutual support and a positive mood were felt in everything.

Now Steemit is different. This is still the “classic of the genre,” the network on which all the others are oriented but … the former Steemit, unfortunately, no longer exists. This is a topic for a separate conversation and for a separate analysis.

On the other hand, Empowr and Minds are now on the rise. In both networks, only recently there was a real opportunity to receive a reward for the activity and the coins of both projects appeared on stock exchanges.

These projects are very unlike the classic Steemit, they have different principles of internal design and different areas of activity. Empowr right now holds presidential elections (from users), and Minds successfully finishes greedy and impudent Facebook. That’s why, I like these projects more and I see great prospects for them.

As for my personal profit, in this case, I would arrange projects like this: Empowr, Steemit, Minds.

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