Why Kuende?

As you know, dear readers, now my main strategy in crypto social networks is to answer users’ questions and develop the system of curatorship.

Yesterday I was approached by one of the users of the Kuende project. Quite by chance, it turned out to be the CEO of the project @Pavel Antohe, who asked the question: “What are your takes on Kuende and its future?”

My short answer looked like this: “I have already included this site in TOP10 August 2018” This answer already says a lot. If from the hundreds of offers on the market I selected in TOP10 Kuende, then this is a very good sign. Especially taking into account the fact that the ICO of the project has not started yet and now it is in the pre-sale period.

And now, I want to very briefly give reasons why I did it.

1. The site has an attractive design and its own individual style. It is obvious and understandable that a team of professionals works with the project.

2. This team is working slowly, but is trying to calculate correctly their strengths and takes into account the mistakes of previous similar projects coming out on the ICO. Suffice it to say that to make this step Kuende was preparing for three years.

3. The project immediately started in English, despite the fact that it has Romanian roots. This is a huge plus and reaching the widest audience, because the largest amount of important and unique information is being appeared in internet today in English. Also this way came Trybe from Costa Rica, Greek-German Mpoom, Scorum, Dream-Real, Alphabit and other projects. And in this, in my opinion, one of the mistakes of the Russian project GOLOS and the Japanese crypto social network Alismedia, the developers of which have limited themselves to the Japanese version, despite their promises to expand the audience.

4. Again about developers. It’s a very creative team and there are a lot of interesting chips in Kuende. This gives hope that the project will constantly develop and find new attractive tools for work.

5. The project encourages users to visit and has its referral program. I think that this is also a plus, although not all specialists think that it is good.

All of the above, gives grounds to see the project succeed in the future.

Minuses. The simplest and most understandable methods of publication, exclusively in my opinion, is in Minds. In Kuende, this system is somewhat confusing, as well as the function of adding to friends.

Recommendations. The youth audience is wonderful and very good point, but let’s not forget that the main audience of crypto social networks in a couple of years is the category of 50+ users and in Kuende they too will have to feel comfortable and find interesting activities for themselves.

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