Coins and tokens of crypto networks

I am often asked questions that relate to coins and tokens of crypto social networks. Yesterday, for example, one of my friends at EMPOWR asked about how to sell EIB tokens.

In this regard, I want to give a few explanations.

First, all tokens and coins are sold, bought and exchanged on stock exchanges. And if there are no coins in the listings of exchanges, it means that nothing can be done with this coin. I check the availability of coins on exchanges for the CoinCapMarket service.

Secondly, I specialize exclusively in coins and tokens of crypto social networks. And at my site you can find a huge amount of information on this topic. For convenience, you can use the Search, which is located in the upper right part of the site.

Third, not all coins and tokens of crypto social networks can already be called stable. Therefore, today we will only talk about those who are in the main list of the Levelnaut website (on the right side there is a banner).

If to speak very shortly, the list of coins and tokens at the moment can look like this:

ADZCOIN (Adzbuzz), AKASHA (Akasha), AMPS (WildSpark), BITCOINCASH (Yours), COINS (Refind), CSL (Cryptosocial), DCNT (Decenturion), DREAM (Dream-Real), EMPR ), EOS (Trybe), FDZ (Friendz), FRELDO (Freldo), GBM (Bitlanders), GOLOS (Golos), INCOIN (InfinityLoop), JUGL (jugl), KUENDE (Kuende), LPC (Leopays), LPH (Alpha), MINDS (Minds), MON (Monoreto), MPOINS (Mpoom), ONG (Someone), ONST (OnStellar), PRB (Piarim), QBK (Qbk), SCL (Sociall), SCR (Scorum), SNOV (Snovian), SOL (Sola), SPN (Sapien)), STEEM, SBD (Steemit), SWIFT (Swiftdemand), VIU (Viuly), XENZUU (Xenzuu), ZENDUJA (Zenduja), ZONTO (Zonto)

I will be glad to your additions and comments.


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