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We are cyborgs! No, you misunderstood me – we will not be cyborgs once in the future, we are already the real cyborgs!

Yesterday I went buy a city bus home and received a slight shock from my observation. Absolutely all the passengers looked into their smartphones and clicked something.

When I got off the bus, there was a small group of teenagers there and there were a few more passengers. All of them stood and looked at their smartphones, waiting for the next bus.

But this is not the main thing. The most important thing was waiting for me at home. I had got a new computer and I wanted to transfer all the data from the old computer to the new one.

Oh, my God! I do not know how this process is happening now, but it seemed to me that I was transferring my whole life to a new computer!

And this despite the fact that I’m an active user of cloud services – I have 4 of them and everyone is pretty well filled.

Now I am writing this article, but still can not come to my senses and get rid of the strange feeling that some uncomfortable changes are taking place with me.

What is happening to us? Are we cyborgs already?

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