I continue to do reviews of crypto social networks, although I did not plan to write them anymore. But what can you do? The readers ask, and I can not refuse them. So today I do not answer questions, but I continue to talk about new projects in the main list of crypto social networks on the Levelnaut website.

Today the project Piarim will go to the list of potential cryptosystems (in which there are already almost 200 sites) or to the list of projects for earning, and its place will be occupied by Memo. I recall that all the necessary banners with these lists are on Levelnaut too.

Memo is a crypto social network and there is no doubt about it, all the necessary properties in this project are available. As for their own coins, the developers decided not to reinvent the wheel, and use Bitcoin Cash as the main currency,

Before posting posts, look in Guides how to add photos to them using the Imgur service. After that, you can click the New Memo button and write your post. In their length, posts on Memo resemble a Twitter feed, since they all have a restriction of 217 characters.

And do not forget before starting work to replenish your balance with a small amount of Bitcoin Cash, which you can dial on any Bitcoin Cash faucet (I recommend CoinPot).

In short, this is all that can be said. There are still many questions in the rewarding system and the system of boosterization, but there are no questions to the system of curatorship. The website contains detailed statistics. There is no referral program on Memo.

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