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Imgur is one of the oldest projects in my TOP50 list of crypto social networks. You probably know this website, dear readers, and many of you actively use it as a photo hosting. For example, I registered my account here in 2011, two years after its creation.

Now Imgur is quite a serious business, in which willingly recruit high-level specialists. You can read about all this in the history of the company’s development. But we, of course, are not interested in that so much.

It is important to note the fact that Imgur one of the first monsters of the Internet started moving towards the crypto currency. And although the project website does not say anything about it yet, but one can guess.

Already today, there is the opportunity to write posts, comments, to upvote and get points for it. These points, in turn, affect your reputation. Also, according to the points, you get all kinds of badges and trophies (special rewards), etc.

That is, if we sum up the results, we can say that the project has or is already planning to have a reward system for activity (so far only theoretical), a system of curatorship and a booster system (ImgurPro etc.), the ability to add friends and other attributes of a crypto social network .

As for its coin, it is still a big question. But I have an answer for you and about the coin. I know for sure that it will be. Otherwise, there will not be an Imgur project at all. Today this is an obvious and the fact that users actively migrate from Facebook to Minds proves my words. People will not waste time on a project in which their activity is not rewarded. Their time is much more important than anything that happens today on the Internet.

By the way, another interesting detail. If you want to post, for example, a Memo post with an illustration, then the picture can be added only if it is published in Imgur. That is, you now understand why I added Imgur to the main list of crypto social networks? Hope so. Besides, you can remove it from there any minute.

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