Today I answer the question of the user of the crypto social network Steemit @prostoboltyshka, who accidentally learned about the existence of CWC. Frankly, it did not happen by accident, I wanted her to know about it, because once I had promised to tell her everything. And yesterday it happened.

I just want to warn yo that there will be not much information in the web on this subject, so it’s worth to read this one more carefully.

In short, CWC (Crypto Whales Club) is an exclusive virtual closed club, which will be accessed on the banner of Levelnaut, Cryptobitcoinpro and a few more websites.

This is a decentralized community and the only thing that serves as an arbitration body there is an ethical council with annually chanhged stuff.

Membership in the club is paid. The annual subscription at the moment (2018) costs 100$ (a silver token, without the right to vote) or 200$ (gold token, with voting right) in BTC equivalent (at the time of entry).

The number of CWC participants is limited to a maximum of 100 users (anonymous membership is available) and before the accession all candidates pass a chat interview in Telegram (adding the @borishaifa login). The language of communication in the club is any possible, all participants are able to use the Google Translator service.

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