Who doesn’t like to make a profit?

The question that I want to answer today does not sound quite the same as it is written in the title. Its full version sounds like this: “Who doesn’t like to make a profit on social networks?” The user of the crypto social network Steemit @gustavoadolfodca asks about it and I think that the answer interests many of you.

But before answering this question, it is necessary to clarify two points: it is about financial profit and about crypto social networks.

So, let’s try to understand why users do not massively go into crypto social networks and do not start making money for the same actions as in traditional networks.

The first reason. Habit. We all know that everything new is unusual. The usual actions that they do for years are easier. In doing so, they forget that if you do not give the brain a load, then old age comes much faster.

The second reason. Fear. Some are afraid to dive into the crypto-currency topic and find it difficult. Frankly, when I first got on Steemit, then I did not immediately understand all the nuances. For example, for a long time I could not understand why there are three categories and two different coins in my wallet. But somehow the world will switch to crypto currency, so it’s better to get the idea now and not to look like an idiot when the whole world will use it.

The third reason. Friends. Some people say that all of their closest friends and the people needed for communication are in traditional networks, so they do not go into crypto networks. This is also understandable. But let’s remember the first mobile phones. At first they were far from everyone. Now the person who does not use them looks strange.

The fourth reason. Profit. Perhaps not everyone needs financial profit today. Oh, it’s very easy to check. Just ask your friends if they are ready to receive money for the same actions that they are committing today, but no one pays them or someone else gets payment instead of them?

Thus, I named the main reasons why people do not go into crypto social networks and although they may not all, but those that I have named – are obvious. Also obvious are the consequences and understanding that the transition to crypto social networks will take place anyway. And it is very important to understand where and at what level we will be, dear readers, when this happens.

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