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Yesterday I began to look through the list of potential crypto social networks (in which there are already almost 200 websites) and was surprised to find that there are already quite a few “ripe” projects. Some have already passed ICO, some added to the mobile version of the functionality for the PC, etc. Therefore, now it will be extremely difficult even to get to TOP50 on Levelnaut.com.

Nevertheless, today I want to tell a few words about the project that got to the TOP50 and swapped places with another, less successful one.

So, the All project is suitable for the main list for all parameters and even more. Let’s check whether this is really so. But first we should give it a more precise definition. First, of course, this is a crypto social network. Secondly, it is a trading platform. Thirdly, this is an advertising platform and you decide – to place on it paid ads or not. It sounds interesting, does not it?

The project has its ERC-20 coin, called ME, with which users are rewarded for their activity. I have not yet discovered any boosters, but they are likely to appear and you will have the opportunity to strengthen your accounts.

The system of curatorship in the project is available and if you click on the heart under the post you like, then you help the author of the content earn a cryptocurrency. By the way, you can add favorite authors to friends by clicking on the icon which for some reason resembles wedding rings.

In general, the project made a pleasant impression, it has a nice design and easy to use functionality. I think that it also has good prospects and it is quite possible that we will see it in one of the TOP10. By the way, dear readers, do not forget that on September 1 you will see the next TOP10 of the best crypto social networks at Levelnaut.com

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