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In one of my last posts I promised to answer your questions, dear readers, but today I want to make an exception and not answer the new question, but correct a little bit one of the previous answers.

At that time, I described in detail what the profession of crypto blogger is today. Working hard in this direction all the last time, I have got new щиыукмфешщты and now I want to share my ideas with you.

In my opinion, it is already irrelevant to talk only about one profession – a crypto blogger, but it makes sense to divide it into three categories or even into three new professions: crypto networker, сrypto netblogger and сrypto netexpert.

Crypto NetWorker is a user who tries to earn money in crypto social networks in all available ways, uses all the features provided: from working with faucets and participating in airdrops, to posting content and participating in any network activity.

Crypto NetBlogger is a user who earns exclusively by writing articles or producing photo and video materials. Also, in this category, you can rejoice the Crypto NetStreamers, that is, people who specialize in direct broadcasting in crypto social networks.

Crypto NetExpert is a user who studies crypto social networks and gets profit by sharing information on this topic. In other words, he tests any offers of crypto networks, but does not specialize in any one. He earns cryptocurrency by sharing information and results of his observations with other users.

Thus, now it will be easier for you to decide which category of users of crypto social networks you belong to. Let’s not forget that all of us are also crypto netusers. The main purpose of crypto social networks is to provide opportunities for communication and information exchange. And we all use this opportunity, trying to comply with the rules of network etiquette.

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