Crypto Networks. Top September, 2018

Today, September 1, in many countries of the world on this day, children go to schools in order to gain new knowledge.

New information helps people to become more experienced in the direction that they are studying and of course to earn more money.

Today you will present you new information, dear readers, and I hope that you will be able to apply it correctly and get profit out of it.

The main topic of my research today is crypto social networks and, as you already know, I devote more time to the basic list of 100 projects that is on the website.

In my personal opinion, at the moment the first 30 participants of this list are located approximately in this sequence.


Minds, Empowr, Steemit, Dream-Real, Kuende, Trybe, Scorum, Alphabit, Akasha, Mpoom


Golos, Sapien, Memo, Adzbuzz, Somee, Jugl, Thecryptonetwork, Yours, Viuly, Scrypto


Sola, Zonto, Qbk, Bitlanders, Monoreto, Criptosocial, Galactikka, Onstellar, Sociall, Xenzuu

You can suggest your own version or comment on this one. In any case, I will be happy with your feedback and comments.


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2 thoughts on “Crypto Networks. Top September, 2018

  1. Since Cent is a featured dApp/social network on Coinbase Wallet, Trust and Status, I believe Cent ( should be featured in your top 10.

    This is a great resource too btw.

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