Allcoins at my PR laboratory

I can not say that this project is a crypto social network in the classical sense of the word. And it is quite possible that some time later the Allcoins website will be moved to projects for earning crypto currency. But for now we will leave it in the main list of crypto social networks and I will explain the reason.

Meanwhile in this project there is no possibility of adding to friends and sending personal messages. But there is a chat room in which you can communicate with other users or with moderators.

There is no own coin, but you can earn a variety of other crypto currencies by means of faucets, games, performing microtasks and other options.

I have not found the boosterization system on the Allcoins website yet, but here there are VIP accounts that have certain privileges.

In other words, Allcoins is not yet a crypto social network, but if they make some changes and additions to the functionality, everything can change. It depends on the project team, whose presence here is felt pretty well.

If you want to get acquainted with this project, you can register on my referral link -SCAM- and become a member of a fairly large and friendly team of the website, or maybe even members of the CWC club.

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