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I rarely write materials for the CryptoIdea course by the last time. As you know, this course is part of the curriculum of the Open University of Crypto Social Networks on But starting today I will do it much more often.

The fact is that I have accumulated a huge number of ideas and urgently need to implement them. As I promised earlier, all ideas will be presented on the principle of “open source”, so anyone can take part in their development.

In this case, I primarily appeal to programmers, developers or even to the teams that work in this field. All subsequent ideas, I will present in the usual way – the problem, the solution, the road map.

Problem. Recently, a huge number of new projects (more than 300) have appeared on the market of crypto social networks. Sometimes it is very difficult to understand how good a website is. Starting to work with crypto networks, we understand that this work will require both temporary and financial investments. CryptoNetRating (something like the CoinCapMarket project) can provide huge help in this matter.

Decision. The CryptoNetRating project will display not only data on the coin of each crypto social network (or on the coin that this network uses), but also some other indicators: the date of creation, the date of adding to the listing, the number of users, the presence of the system of curatorship, the number of boosters (or upgrades to improve the account) and some others.

Road map. Here you will find the periods of creating this rating and creating VIP (or improved) accounts. In the improved account, each user can see his personal position in each crypto social network – the number of coins, the level, the data for boosters (upgrades), etc. It is also possible to create the CryptoNetRating coins and create some other additional functions.

I described everything very briefly, but more detailed development of this idea is possible only when a team appears that is ready to implement all this.


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