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In today’s short review, I’ll tell you, dear readers, about a project that belongs to the category of twitters. Earlier I already wrote about Memo (BCH), Qbk (QBK) and some other similar sites (more details on But one of the distinctive features of Peepeth is that this crypto social network uses the ethereum in the reward system. However, you can guess about this even by its name.

By the way, you can link your accounts to Twitter and Github, so that other users of these projects know that it’s you.

Peepeth is a crypto social network that uses a blockchain platform, so all other classic elements of crypto networks are present here. There is a system of rewarding users for activity, a system of boosting (Mosquito badge, etc.) and a system of curatorship.

As I said above, Peepeth does not have his own coin, but uses etherium.

And now, I want to say about the most important difference of Peepeth from all other crypto social networks. In this project, you need to think twice before you write something. Posts here can neither be corrected nor changed, nor deleted. All content on Peepeth is moderated and you should have a serious responsibility for everything that is published here.

There are many interesting features, badges and functional elements. But with all this you can get acquainted after registration. By the way, about registration. In the project there is a referral program and if you, for example, want to be on my team, you can go to and register.

I am sure that you will like this project and you will be happy to participate in its development.

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