Crypto Networks. Gold Pizza

I get a lot of questions form you, dear readers, that somehow concern money. Many users do not understand at what a great time they live and want to get money right here and right now.

I hope you all know the famous story about pizza, which in 2010, an American bought for 10 thousand bitcoins.

You should understand that today in crypto social networks happens practically the same. Those users who joined the Steemit social network in 2016 are well aware of what I’m talking about.

At that time many people did not understand how you can work and get for this not real money, but some tokens.

The fact is that when these tokens become real coins, which can be withdrawn and spent, the competition will increase by tens or even hundreds of times. At this time the date of your joining, the availability of tokens and your reputation (or influence) will be extremely important.

If by the time the majority of users come to the social network you already have thousands of coins and a high reputation, then your further earnings will be much higher.

Today in the market of crypto networks (according to the research of the website we can observe about 300 new projects. I hope you understand well enough about the money that you can raise there.

Otherwise, soon you will feel the same as the American programmer Laszlo Hanyecz, who bought that very gold pizza in 2010.


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